Salon’s moving into Office Spaces? Learn how the Workspace is changing.

Since 2015, a growing number of clinics and salons have joined our Business Centre’s and flourished in our community.

ABC4D Baby Scanning was the first clinic to join our community, since then we have welcomed Holistic Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists. We can even adapt space to meet HIS regulations.

Since Covid, the Hair, Beauty & Cosmetic sector has had to reinvent itself. Passing trade is a thing of the past making Shop fronts redundant and clients are nervous of the busy and uncontrolled environment associated with chair rentals.

Salons are having to look at reduced appointment numbers and therefore need to reduced costs.

The traditional Salon & Clinic set up is being replaced by luxury salons and clinics within modern Business Centres. And there is a lot to like, fixed monthly costs, 24 hour access, secure door entry and the latest facilities

Chair rental and room hire within a traditional salon is not cheap, it’s not your space and often comes with constraints. Renting your own salon can be prohibitively expensive with long leases and expensive running costs.

I have a beautiful salon without the hassle I associate with having my own salon! I can get on with doing what I love!

Renting salon or clinic space within one of our managed business centres has many advantage for the Hair, Beauty & Cosmetic sector including:

  • Fixed Costs
  • Flexible License Agreements
  • Luxury Communal Facilities
  • Safe & Secure Environment
  • 24 hour access
  • Secure Door Entry
  • CCTV
  • Fibre Optic Broadband
  • Business Community

Most Hair, Beauty & Cosmetic technicians have their loyal clients and use social media to advertise their services. With passing trade a post-covid no-no there are few advantages to having a shopfront. In fact, quite often the client prefers discretion when receiving a treatment and doesn’t want people staring in at them.

An additional advantage to joining our business community is being part of a network, you will be suprised how much business you will get through this network alone!

Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson is the Commercial Director of WMA Group.