Working from home as a therapist can leaving you needing therapy!

Choosing not to work from your own home as a therapist can help you enjoy many advantages. The main benefits of renting a therapy room is that you will be able to separate your home life from your work life. You will be more motivated to build your therapy business because of this and finding a space to rent can be very easy.

Is renting a therapy space cost effective?

Most therapy rooms/clinics are set up to accommodate therapy sessions. You will avoid having to buy furniture, and this will help you save money. The broadband/wi-fi connections in commercial buildings are often faster and more reliable.  A properly set up clinic will also have a waiting area, secure door entry and CCTV meaning it is more secure and may encourage you to work flexible hours.

Another advantage of renting a therapy space/room is that you wont have the expense of renting, maintaining and cleaning the communal areas.


Does location matter?

When choosing a therapy room rental, you should consider the location. When working from home it can be difficult for clients to find you, public transport may be limited and neighbours may become irritated with constant comings and goings and clients parking. You should choose a room make sure the location is central and be easily accessible for your clients. For instance, some people may choose your therapy room because it is located near a cafe or shops. In conclusion, choosing a high quality rental room instead of offering therapy sessions in your home can help you enjoy all the above advantages.

Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson is the Commercial Director of WMA Group.